15 Dec 2008


Posted by AC

Sam and I were looking at a map of the UK and Ireland and I asked if she knew who comes from Ireland? She didn’t know that that’s where her (great-)aunt Janet is from, so we talked about that. She asked where her (great-)aunt Scotties is from, and I said “Richmond, where Grand-mère lives now.” The following conversation ensued:

Sam: Daddy, I’ve got a new country coming.
Dad: Oh? What’s the name of the new country?
Sam: (her glance around the room landing on my laptop) Computery Richmond!
Dad: Computery Richmond? Who lives in Computery Richmond?
Sam: Spoony Anna Gray
Dad: Oh, Spoony Anny Gray?
Sam: Yes, and Geegie Gaggie.
Dad: Does anybody else live in Computery Richmond?
Sam: Nope, that’s all the people I know.

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