13 Feb 2008

Salsa Cat

Posted by AC

My wife already blogged the Salsa Cat story. But I’ve been amazed at Sam’s story-re-telling ability. She’ll “read” books almost word for word that we’ve read to her. Sure, we’ve read them a lot, but not enough for us to be able to recite them. Anyway, here Sam is re-telling the Salsa Cat story.

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  1. […] Your still love stories. You’ve added to your repertoire of books that you can “read” to yourself simply by having memorized what Mom and I have read to you. I assume you have the text memorized and associated with the picture on each page, but you’ve also memorized stories and songs you’ve only heard verbally as well, like Salsa Cat, or Twinkle (see attached). You’ve started making up stories as well, which is fascinating. They are still quite simple, but they are indications of an amazingly fertile imagination. You’ve narrated a butterfly coming to our house, and sitting on my head. You even narrate some of your own actions. For example, you’ve been heard to shout, “I want some more soy milk, shouted Sammy!” […]


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