15 Dec 2007

Switching Minds

Posted by AC

I was trying to get Sam down for her nap today. She was tired enough, but is still a bit cranky as she attempts to get over a tummy bug. I asked which pajamas she wanted, and she had decided “polka dots” (which have feet in them.) So, to put those on we took her socks off. She decided she wanted to keep her socks on so asked for “monkies” which don’t have feet. So, we switched, and put her socks back on. Then she said, “socks off!” By this time, I was getting a little frustrated and wondering if it was simply a delay tactic, so I told her that if the socks came off this time, they were staying off. She confirmed that she wanted the socks off, then said. “I switched minds.

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One Response to “Switching Minds”

  1. I remember when you were a little older than Sam you had a definite concept of minds: your “fast mind” was in the forehead area and was used for quick decisions and your “slow mind” was deeper in the head and used, I think, for figuring things out.



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