29 Sep 2007

Who Loves You?

Posted by AC

Dad: “Sammy, do you know who loves you?”
Sam: “Yes.”
Dad: “Who loves you?”
Sam: “Daddy?”
Dad: “That’s right! And do you know who else loves you?”
Sam: “Mommy?”
Dad: “Yay! That’s right Sam, Mommy loves you too. Do you love anybody?
Sam: “Yes.”
Dad: “Who do you love?”

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One Response to “Who Loves You?”

  1. […] You still love books. You really enjoy story time at the Kensington library with Mom. In fact, mom says you’re “the only toddler to sit quietly on her parent’s lap and pay attention.” You and I have also been enjoying library books. For the most part, we’ve been “reading” different I spy books wherein we look for specific items mentioned in riddles or poems on the bottom of the page. Not all of your books are visual ones as you like the audio renditions from Lit 2 Go — specifically the Beatrix Potter stories. This month’s favorite is “The Tale of Piggling Bland” You call it [Pigging Band] as you have trouble with blended consonants. […]


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