9 Sep 2007

Water Works

Posted by AC

The past 3 weekends have all been wet in some way or another. I went sailing on the bay on a 30′ Hunter a few weeks ago. Last weekend, we went to a beach that’s a 10-or-so minute drive pretty much due west of our house, and this weekend we went to the 36th annual NCMA boat show. It was great except that we got a late start so that we didn’t get much time there before we had to come back for nap time.

For $8/adult (Sam was free and we had $2-off coupons from the website), we got to go from boat to boat to boat. Sam also enjoyed it. Carolyn had fun, but was not drawn to the boats the way Sam and I were. Carolyn even got a little queasy on the gently (and I do mean gently!) rocking boats especially down below-deck. This does not bode well of my retirement fantasy of sailing a large cat around the bahamas, maybe taking passengers occasionally for supplemental income and to meet new and interesting people. Her reactions to the different size boats were interesting, but not surprising, I guess. Having sailed the occasional sunfish and little hobie cats, a boat you can actually go inside seems spacious to me. Carolyn didn’t seem like she’d be comfortable on anything smaller than about a 38′ monohull for any length of time.

Sam mainly enjoyed the exploring, though she did enjoy “driving” as she sat at the helm and turned the wheel. She didn’t seemed bothered at all by the gentle (and I do mean gentle!) rocking motion of the docked boats.

I had a blast. It’ll clearly be a long time before I own a boat — or at least before I own a boat I’d sleep on, but it was a fun way to explore the fantasy. In Charlottesville, the airport was convenient and I flew and toyed with the possibility of getting an airplane. Here, the bay is convenient, so I sail1 and toy with the possibility of a boat.

  1. ok, I sailed once, but I may again!Return to body

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