21 Jun 2007

The Love Machine (vol 1)

Posted by AC

OK, I just learned that there’s now a facebook application called “the love machine” which is quite similar to the one we use at work — except that it’s out there for everyone to use!

Curiously, it was created by Ooga Labs who have our CEO as an advisor (on their board?). As our CTO has said, (paraphrasing) “Now that facebook has announced their API/platform, never build another in-house social networking app”.

That said, I’m gonna do it anyway. I’m toying around with a love machine of my own — mainly as a way to play with django. I’ll post more when I have more worth posting.

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2 Responses to “The Love Machine (vol 1)”

  1. You are right, the Love Machine app on Facebook comes out of conversations with Philip for the last few years. He suggested last summer it would be cool if we did something with the concept that could help other companies. I said we would if we could get around to it. Almost a year later, as we wanted to start building little facebook apps, we decided to start with the Love Machine. We’ll see if it gets viral as is. I doubt it will, but you never know, and we can start evolving it from there. There is a Karma app on facebook that may have it better, in that it goes both ways and makes more sense outside of work than the love machine does. you should check it out.
    — James



  2. […] such a Shiny whore.  I was working on a love machine (in python and django which I still quite like).  I got pretty far along, but got stuck on how […]


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