30 Nov 2006

Baby’s First Steps

Posted by AC

OK, it’s not really her first steps, but today Sam walked unsupported for the first time in her life. Of course, I wasn’t home for it. 🙁 But I did get to see a repeat performance later in the evening which I captured to share with you.

In other firsts today, Sam also cried when I left for work. She and mom stand at the picture window at the front of the house and wave as I go by (the path to the sidewalk is on the east side of the yard, and I head west on the sidewalk). In the past, she’s just patted the window, or not cared, but today she had put it all together. And was she mad about it. I hear she got over it pretty quickly though.

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2 Responses to “Baby’s First Steps”

  1. Congrats Sam! Benben watched your first steps (bis) with great enthusiasm.



  2. […] As ChoicyWhiteBoy mentioned, Sam took her first steps yesterday! She had just awoken from her midday nap, and we were playing in her room. For the past day or so, she had been standing up on her own without holding onto anything for support. She would stand for a few seconds, and then collapse onto her bum. But out of the blue yesterday, she stood and walked a few steps towards me. I think we were both surprised! And excited. I clapped and cheered so fiercely, I was afraid the force of my emotion would blow Sam down. But she stood her ground. And was she ever proud. Fortunately, she gave a repeat performance for her Dad last evening, and we were able to get some of it on film. […]


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