6 Oct 2006

Too Many Samanthas

Posted by AC

MonsterFool has already blogged about Sam’s well-baby visit. But I wanted to include a couple of things that she didn’t.

1) The pediatrician gave Sam a book —Rainforest Colors. We were so uncertain that this was really the case, we had to ask at the nurses station on the way out to be sure. They grinned, and confirmed — every well baby visit from 12-months on, you get a book when you go to the doctor’s.

So far, I’m really impressed with Kaiser Permanente. Whether this plays out this way in the end or not, it feels like the doctor gets to decide what she thinks is best for Sam. We consult, she scribbles on a piece of paper, and it’s done. They didn’t have the infant flu shot in stock yet. We can come back later to get it. We can just show up. It was suggested we call … not to schedule another appointment, just to make sure that the infant flu shot is in. It feels so different from nearly every other medical practice I’ve been in. It feels more relaxed that the medical staff feels like they get the freedom to do what they think is right for the patient.

And 2) On our way out, just after we’d asked about the book and crossed into the waiting room, a nurse calls out for Samantha. I think, “Oh we left something” or “Oh, they were joking about the book“, or … I didn’t know why they might be calling us back. But they weren’t calling us! They were calling another Samantha in to see the doctor. When we chose the name Samantha, we had no idea how popular it was. We didn’t know any Samantha’s personally (though Carolyn knew a Samantha character from Sex and the City, and I knew a Sam from Las Vegas). We had no idea it was in the top ten girl names for 2005 (number 8!) until after she was born. But out here, it seems like Samanthas are all over the place. In addition to the above incident, I have a co-worker who’s 2-year-old daughter goes by Sam (Samantha’s her middle name). And, I have a co-worker named Samantha — fortunately she usually goes by her Linden name.

It must be rough for all of them knowing I’ve got the real Samantha!

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3 Responses to “Too Many Samanthas”

  1. I’ve historically enjoyed Kaiser too, as a kid living in Claremont and an adult working in Pasadena. Yes, they’re a huge monstrous corporation, but they’re only *one* huge monstrous corporation, so when one part of it refers you to another part of it, it goes a lot more smoothly than when e.g. your PCP refers you to an orthopedist who otherwise have nothing to do with each other, and who each have a strong vested financial interest in spending as little time with you as possible. :^p



  2. I hear you on this one! When I was pg with Emma I checked the listings and it was something like #17. I figured it would probably get less common (not sure what I based that prediction on!) But now it is something like #1 or 2! There are only 2 others in her school of 400. So then when I was pg with Evan I resolved to pick a less common name. We didn’t want to use Emma’s boy name (Bennett) b/c we met so many Bens in the intervening time. Didn’t necessarily want another E name but Evan appealed the most. So I looked it up and it was in the 40’s or so of popularity. I don’t know what it is now but I meet Evans everywhere!! In fact there is another Evan in his class who is 3 days younger. So now we have kids with very popular names that sort of match…oh well, they are the most wonderful Emma and Evan w know! Amanda



  3. […] We’re reading Rainforest Colors by Susan Canizares and Betsey Chessen. This is the book our pediatrician gave Sam at her 12-month checkup. . […]


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