7 Oct 2006

Speed Week(end) Pt. 2

Posted by AC

It was with mixed emotions, (but mostly childlike-delight) that I got to watch the Blue Angels perform over the San Francisco bay near North Beach. The skill and training involved is amazing. The planes themselves are cool, and just seeing the turns they make, their proximity for some maneuvers, their separate coordination for others. It’s a sight to see.

So, we had quite an afternoon. We drove in (the traffic was maddening) and parked at Linden Lab which was close enough to walk to the Fisherman’s Wharf area from which we could get a pretty good view. The area was packed enough that walking further along, Carolyn couldn’t stand the crowds any more and we needed to head back into the main part of the city.

We found our way to Washington park where we gave Sam a bottle, and watched another just-learned-to-toddler enjoy meeting dogs. From there we wandered a little further into little Italy where we had a tasty, but touristy Italian meal before walking back over the hill to Linden to pick up the car and head back across the bay.

Oh, and did I mention that the weather was gorgeous? I still love my newly adopted city. I’m just sorry I live so far away from it. Below are a couple of movies I took with my little FinePix S5000 of the Blue Angels doing their thing overhead.

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  1. […] My wife and I have been taking pictures of Sam pretty much whenever she and the camera are in the same room. Alas, the downtime means I have pictures on my internal file server, they have not yet made it up into the now woefully out of date gallery.accapehart.com. My little camera can also take short movies (as you might have seen with the blue angels post). Carolyn will be posting some of these in a new category she calls “Channel Sam” and the first of these is up now. Check it out. […]


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