28 Oct 2006

High Low

Posted by AC

While I have been missing some of the aspects of our previous life (see previous post) — one aspect I’m not missing so far is the weather!

Today in Altoona, PA, was a high of 48 degrees F with a low of 32 (and a chance of light snow.)

Today in El Cerrito, CA was a high of 72 degrees F with a low of 49.

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One Response to “High Low”

  1. AC,
    My husband was at a conference in Las Vegas this past week enjoying the weather along with you while we were seeing the first of the SNOW…already. 🙂 Even this morning there is a coating of the white stuff on the ground…
    I recently heard a saying about weather in PA: there are four seasons in PA:
    1) Almost Winter
    2) Winter
    3) Still Winter
    4) Construction



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