31 Oct 2006

Happy Half-Life day

Posted by AC

No, this is not about some new software from Valve. Instead today is momentous for a different kind of half life. It was Halloween in 1988 that Carolyn and I started dating. For those of you not doing the math, that was 18 years ago. For those of you continuing to not do the math, or that don’t know us that well, we were 18 at the time.

Carolyn and I have been some form of romantic partners to each other for half our lives (at least at the year-granular level… I’m not going to write a script like my friend to do the to-the-minute calculation.)

I love you, Carolyn and look forward to many more halves together.

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One Response to “Happy Half-Life day”

  1. Great. You just made me feel exceptionally old. Way to go. I hope all your Second Life dollars deflate in value and that the Reuters reporter they assigned to SL shows how you are harrassing old high school classmates with obnoxious blog postings.

    Feh! I’m still young! Watch me sprint for 100 yards! Hooo! Okay 50 yards! *Gasp* Right. 25 yards! *Wheez* Gotta be at least 20 yards right? *Huff* *Puff*

    Somebody hand me a beer…



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