25 May 2006

Free Stuff

Posted by AC

The purging continues. This stuff will be sent to freecycle later this afternoon, but I wanted to give blog readers first dibs:

Computer Stuff(click to enlarge)

Are you a computer tinkerer, or want to become one? Well, you’ve just hit the jackpot. I have a whole lot of computer things to give away including several working computers. Almost all of the computers are of the P3 500Mhz-800Mhz generation, though there is some deviation. Included are
* 5 towers (some “mini”), 2 rack-mount machines (HP NetServer LPr’s) and one pizza box — A Sun Ultra 5! (one of the towers has been stripped for parts, but as far as I know, all of them either do or could work)
* 4 keyboards (including one for the Sun)
* Several mice
* 2 sets of speakers including one nice Altec Lansing 2.1 system
* Joystick
* 2 monitors (17″ and 19″)
* Lots of Cat 5 cables (even a spool of Cat 5 if you want!)
* External modem
* 10/100 Hubs (2 I think)
* Memory (mostly PC100)
* Video Cards
* Lots of training CDs
* More

The only thing is I want it all gone. If you only want some of it, take it all, take what you want then offer out the rest, but I need it out of here ASAP. Located in Altoona near PSU — strongly prefer pickup, but will consider close drop-off for special circumstances.

Also available FOR FREE — 2 pair skis with bindings, poles, 1 set of boots. Both pairs of skis are long (190-200 cm) — one pair appears to be shaped, the other is not. Only the bindings on the Atomic AL-7s are currently set to fit the boots (Caber Men’s size 13)
* Atomic AL-7s (non-shaped) with Salomon Quadrax SerieS bindings
* Dynastar Course SL with Marker M48 TwinCam bindings

Skis(click to enlarge)

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  1. […] Fortunately, I’ve given away all the Free Stuff, so that reduced a lot of the clutter, and Carolyn’s done an amazing job sorting and purging our files. I have probably shredded two full garbage bags worth of various files that we’d been hanging on to for an amazing amount of time. For example, I just sent a grad-school project back to the person I worked on it with. It was from 1993! I’d been carrying around the code and writeup for a DOS profiler for 13 years! All of this purging is starting to feel good, though still a little worrisome. “What if I need that some day?” I just threw out the siphoning hose I got from Pop-pop to go with my car when I turned 16 (20 years ago.) I’ve NEVER siphoned gasoline. The only time I remember him using it was to take gas out of the 1973 VW bug, to get some for the lawn mower at the shack. He didn’t manage to get it out of his mouth quite in time and so wound up with a mouthful of gas. Yuck! […]


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