7 Apr 2006


Posted by AC

I’ve got a number of unwritten posts in my head. (Albeit a small number.) Still, I wanted to get this one up now because it’s just too cute.

Sam at play

Sam at Play

The website she’s playing at is kneebouncers.com which I first wrote about here. She still doesn’t have the responsive nature of it down. She pretty much mashes the keyboard and watches the screen, but I’m pretty sure she knows that it reacts to her. The only problem is the meta (command or control) keys which are quite accessible to little hands. She’s brought up spotlight on many occasions.

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2 Responses to “Back-(b)log”

  1. I tried briefly to get her to play with Alpha Baby, but she seemed completely unaware of the computer screen.



  2. Ah, I guess your blog strips HTML out of the comments.

    Alpha Baby: http://www.kldickey.addr.com/alphababy/



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