11 Apr 2006

America’s Dream Highway

Posted by AC

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is an expensive but expedient way for us to get back to the Philadelphia area where Mom-mom and Granddaddy live. It is narrow, busy, and often under (much-needed) repair.

When we were in Pittsburgh for Carolyn’s birthday last year, we picked up whatever the local City Paper-style paper is called. In it, there was an article or editorial lambasting the Pennsylvania Turnpike which, among other things, called it a blight on the face of Pennsylvania. It caused me mirth, because I largely shared the opinion of the author. I guess neither of us knew, at the time, that it was America’s Dream Highway!

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  1. […] We’re also giving up a proximity to all of our close family. Carolyn’s parents go from being a 4-hour drive away to a 6-hour flight, and while driving “America’s Dream Highway” is sometimes the kind of “dream” you wake up from in cold sweats, flying commercially these days is hardly a picnic either. My mom and her beau drive their RV lifestyle up and down the east coast, but haven’t trekked it across the continent yet. Likewise, our visits from Santa (my dad) will fall off given the time commitment involved in a drive (or train trip) across the country. […]


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