23 Mar 2006

State No. 2.

Posted by AC

At 4:43 PM today, Sam entered New Jersy on US1, finally making it out of her birth state after “only” about 5 and a half months.

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4 Responses to “State No. 2.”

  1. Hey Sam,
    Welcome to NJ. As long as you don’t breathe in too deeply, you’ll be just fine.

    – Uncle J



  2. Yay. Look, Sam, it’s “Unkie John” 😉 Yeah, we’re now in Princeton — the anti-Altoona. Everything here is fine, expensive, mult-cultural, variegated, academic, and maybe a tad snooty.



  3. Any chance of making Delaware state #3 for her??



  4. Hi Sam, get your mommy & daddy to take you to the NJ beach and see the ocean too!



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