16 Jan 2006

“Roll it” addendum

Posted by AC

I didn’t track the first time she did this, but it’s also of note that Sam has supported her own weight on her legs, and has been doing so for at least a week. She’ll “stand” up in our laps. I can hold her just above her waist, helping with core balance a little, but she can do all of the standing herself. I think if she just weren’t so top-heavy with her head, she could probably stand briefly on her own. No way to test that, of course.

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2 Responses to ““Roll it” addendum”

  1. You could always remove some excess material from her head.



  2. Yeah, she doesn’t seem to be a “lead snot” baby. AFAIK, I’ve gotten all of the excess out! It’s still too heavy. Maybe I just need to turn her upside down!



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