28 Jan 2006

My tax dollars welcome my baby (and remind me to get her innoculated)

Posted by AC

Yesterday, Sam got another birth card. This one (ostensibly) came from Governor Ed Rendell, and his wife, Midge. The front looks like a normal congratulatory card. The cover says “Welcome Little One” and on the inside, “The world is one baby sweeter now.” And then comes the “personal” message from Midge & Ed. In handwriting-font, it says “As parents, we know how precious your baby is to you. Keeping your little one healthy means starting immunizations by two months of age. Congratulations, and remember to get those shots!” There’s an attached immunization record and growth chart. Ooh, and it gets better. On the back, “Hallmark is committed to encouraging childhood immunizations. We donated this card to your state as part of a ten-year national effort to help protect the health of our youngest citizens…”

My libertarian (crackpot?) training has me ask 2 questions immediately — ones for which I do not have the immediate answers: Qui Bono? Or, more specifically, how do the state (and Hallmark) benefit from my having my child vaccinated?. And, like this post quotes Block as saying “… the fact that if everyone is against [or in this case, for] something … one can assume that there is something which can be said in its favor [or, in this case against it].” What is it that can be said against immunization? — The things I’ve found online in my cursory search don’t feel like they have a great deal of credibility. I just find it curious that most pro-vaccine information comes from the government. Do Ed and Midge Rendell love me more than I think?

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2 Responses to “My tax dollars welcome my baby (and remind me to get her innoculated)”

  1. There are a fair number of hippie types out there who are convinced that vaccines are extremely harmful, a plot by Big Pharma, or who knows what else. They don’t have a lot of evidence on their side, as I understand it.



  2. One the first, the state benefits from immunizations by (1) reducing public health costs through disease prevention and (2) increasing productivity amongst its populace thereby increasing income tax receipts on the personal and corporate levels.

    Hallmark benefits by being associated with something that most of the populace sees as a public good. This is therefore an inexpensive bit of marketing and the development of what Wall Street calls “goodwill”, with the ancillary possible outcome of an increase in wellness among the targeted population.

    There is a mountain of questionable resaerch purportig to show that vaccines have, in fact, weakened America’s public health and the wellness of Americans by weakening our immune systems, but 50+ years of replicable research done by public health schools across the country and, indeed, around the world, plus NIH and CDC, would seem to overwhelm this allegation.



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