16 Jan 2006


Posted by AC

The theme for this week’s Word-a-Day is interesting. It’s all about the positive versions of words we always hear in the negative. Here are the introductory paragraphs from today’s word (sipid):

Why is there so much negativity around us? Open a newspaper, watch
TV, listen to the radio, and you find nothing but negative words.
Ever wonder why some words almost always appear in their negative
forms? It’s completely evitable, as the words for the next five
days prove.

This week’s AWAD presents words that are scrutable and a quick peek
in the dictionary shows that these are licit formations. Use these
words in your writing for a gainly touch, a couth appearance. I hope
you feel gruntled with this week’s theme.

(Interestingly, my spell checker “unsucceeded” in recognizing sipid, evitable, scrutable, gainly, couth and gruntled. I wonder if erudite authors regularly run into the problem of knowing more than their spell checker, or if perhaps they don’t need, therefore don’t use, a spell checker anyway?)

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