10 Nov 2005

First “words”, more pictures

Posted by AC

Fussin' Brewin'Fussin' Brewin'Sam has begun vocalizations that aren’t cries. For the most part, they are simply cry-parts vocalized outside of a period of fussyness. So instead of saying “waaannnh”, she’ll bust out with just the occasional “aannh”. She’s made a few others though. Being careful not to project interpretations of French professor mommy and gamer daddy, we’re pretty sure she wants to go to Arles(pronounced “aahrl” — it’s in France) where she will play GURPS(pronounced a lot like a hiccup — presumably 4th edition).

Also, there have been various communications from people about “put more pictures up on the blog”. There are fairly recent pictures up in the gallery, and I’ve recently reorganized the gallery (probably breaking links in earlier posts) into sub-albums to make it a little more managable. When in doubt, check the gallery. It’s where there pictures are. You know, the gallery.

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  1. […] Leslie the “Gay Pride” LionThere was a time in your sixth month when you were pretty quiet. Well, not that you were quiet exactly, you never banished screaming, wailing or crying from your repertoire. But during that month, you didn’t mention “gurps” or “Arles”. Now, your language has picked back up. You started this month focusing on the “mmm” sound and followed up later in the month with the “ba” sounds. Often you would preface the ‘mmm’ sound with the “eh” sound so it sounds like you’re announcing the return of (or inquiring as to the location of) our college friend “Em.” We had already named one of your teddy bears “Emma” so we figure you’re practicing calling out for her. In fact, we’ve named most of your stuffed animals. Because we figure you’ll run into enough male-centered-ness in your life, (almost) all of your stuffed animals have been given girl-names. I’m most pleased with “Leslie” who has a rainbow on her mane, so we say that she’s from a gay pride of lions. Get it? Gay Pride? Pride of Lions? Fortunately, by the time you can read this, you’ll have had several years of indoctrination into your parents sense of humor. […]


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