13 Nov 2005

Didja ever notice…

Posted by AC

* Daddy’s Girl — good thing
* Momma’s Boy — not so much

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3 Responses to “Didja ever notice…”

  1. lol

    Is there a difference between a “Daddy’s boy” and a “Momma’s girl”?



  2. PS I see the time on my post is an hour later than it actually is right now, not that it really matters, but just in case it’s of importance to you.



  3. Thanks, Ideefixe. After a little looking into it, it seems that wordpress doesn’t use the system local time, but instead uses GMT which would be fine, but it uses it’s own offset from GMT which needs to be set manually, so it doesn’t recognize daylight savings. I’ll look into a more permanent solution later, but for now, this is fixed. Thanks!



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