27 Oct 2005

Weight? Check minus; Snow way

Posted by AC

We went back to the pediatrician’s office today. I think I may have mentioned earlier that Sam’s supposed to be gaining an ounce a day at this stage of life. So, she should have gained 7 ounces since we were last there. She gained 3.1. She’s now at 5lbs, 11 oz. We’ve been told to increase the frequency of the supplements — We’d been doing 2 a day. We’re now going for 3-4. She should be taking in 18 to 20 ounces of milk/formula per day now. We can know how much she gets through the sns. snowy hoodWhat we can’t tell, of course, is how much she gets from the breast. Pumping is generally going better, though we’ve still not gotten more than an ounce from both breasts during a 20-min. session. So, we’re still “watching” and we’ll be back in the pediatrician’s office for another weight check next week. And we’ll talk to a lactation consultant (or at least a La Leche League Leader).

In other “news” it snowed here yesterday. Snow. October 25th. I blogged a late snow in the spring — April 24th. So, that’s almost exactly 1/2 of the year between last snow and first snow. Blech. Maybe I should be down at the Austin Game conference after all. :-/

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2 Responses to “Weight? Check minus; Snow way”

  1. Wow! What’s your elevation there? It snowed in New Hampshire yesterday, and maybe a little bit in parts of MA, but not down here in Metro Boston. Yow.



  2. Elevation: 1170 feet — Not all that high, but nestled in the western part of the allegheny mountains which give east-bound weather a lift bringing us more rain and snow than we might otherwise get from our location/elevation.



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