17 Oct 2005

Mustardy Poop or Poopy Mustard?

Posted by AC

They say that the poop of newborn, breast fed babies looks like mustard (complete with seeds), and on good days, that’s proving true. (Bad days, it’s greener and wetter, but you didn’t really want to know that, now did you?) They also say that it changes parents’ view of mustard at least during this phase of development. For me, it’s been mostly the other way. Instead of thinking that I have a jar of baby poop labeled “Dijon” in my refrigerator, I think “Cool, my baby poops fine French mustard!

In a tremendous act of magnanimity, I will refrain from posting pictures of the poop, even though it means you don’t get to see the fine French mustard that comes out of my baby’s butt.

In a tremendous act of self-disclosure, I will admit that I do, in fact have pictures that I am refraining from posting.

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One Response to “Mustardy Poop or Poopy Mustard?”

  1. AC- Thank you for making us laugh and remember our own preoccupation with all things “poopy” as toddler Maria used to refer to it.

    Also, for Carolyn- be kind to yourself. This has been a bit of a rough start -feeding etc.Please don’t feel that you are not “doing it right” Master the art of being ,not Mother guilt!

    Let me know when everyone feels up for a short visit. I’d love to pop in sometime when health permits.




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